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Personalised Hindi Name Necklace


Personalised Hindi Name Necklace Gold

18ct Gold Plated Personalised Hindi Name Necklace

Our 18ct Gold Plated Personalized Hindi Name Necklace allows you to truly express your heritage while adding a personal touch by allowing you to create a name or message to place on your neck in Hindi! Always wanted to wear your name or a loved one's name on your neck in Hindi? If so this is for you!

This stylish pendant features the word or name of your choice, beautifully handcrafted in Hindi Sanskrit writing. Comes in a beautiful box ready to be gifted. 

Hindi Language

Nearly 425 million people speak Hindi as a first language and around 120 million as a second language. Hindi is one of the languages spoken in India. It's the official language of India, English being the other official language. Modern Hindi is written in Devanagari script, which is made of two Sanskrit words: Deva, meaning ‘God’ and Nagari, meaning ‘of urban origin’. Devanagari has its origin in Brahmi script. Writings in Brahmi script from across the Indian subcontinent date back to the 5th century BC. More than ten Indian languages have evolved from Brahmi.

Are Hindi and Urdu the Same Languages?

While mutually intelligible and having a very similar vocabulary, the written script of the two languages is totally different. Hindi is written in the Devanagari script and contains more Sanskrit-derived words than Urdu, whereas Urdu is written in the Perso-Arabic script and uses more Arabic and Persian loanwords than does Hindi. 

Trendyz specialises in 18ct gold plated personalised jewellery in various languages. Particularly, their personalised Hindi name necklaces are highly sought worldwide. The hindi language tends to stand out due to its distinctive and exotic script.

personalised hindi name necklace silver

18K Gold Plated Personalised Hindi Name Necklace UK
Customised Hindi Name Necklace Gold

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