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carrie bradshaw nameplate necklaces biggest trend

Personalised Nameplate Necklaces - the Biggest Jewellery Trend of 2024

When shopping for jewellery, there's one rule of thumb that fashion lovers generally follow: minimalist pieces tend to withstand the test of time while bold styles come and go. That is, with one major exception: the almighty nameplate necklace. Accountable for some 50 years of popularity, the bespoke style has crept into near-all corners of the fashion space, from music videos to runways and red carpets. Now, in 2024, it's right at the forefront — namely, through selfies from the style set's finest. 

When you hear the phrase 'nameplate jewellery', you might immediately think of J.Lo and SJP as Carrie Bradshaw since the early 2000s. But high-end jewellery brands have incorporated them into their collections with modern designs that feel classic, not dated. Whether it's the standard nameplate necklace or a ring or earrings bearing your initials — these subtle or bold accessories give any outfit a more personal feel. Not to mention, they make just about the best gift ever.

Initially, name necklaces were considered a premium item and valued as fine jewellery only. As they became increasingly popular and the demand shot up, many jewellers started offering affordable personalised pieces. Instead of being offered just in solid gold, gold plated nameplate necklaces began to take over the market due to their affordability and longevity — the pieces look and feel just like solid gold without the hefty price tag. Gold plated nameplate necklaces are now priced at a reasonable cost, thus making the customisation trend more affordable and accessible.

Whether channelled through hoop earrings, chain necklaces, or custom rings, nameplate jewellery was always a signifier of identity and pride. Eventually, Sex And The City show propelled the trend into mainstream fashion in the early 2000s. Carrie Bradshaw's name necklace on Sex and The City was practically a character in its own right alongside Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda. Now in 2024, with the resurgence of the yellow gold trend, nameplate jewellery is popping up everywhere once again, especially amongst stylish celebrities. 


carrie bradshaw nameplate necklace


Trendyz Jewellery offers Celebrity inspired Nameplate Necklaces!

Celebrities love wearing tribute jewels to their partners, kids and more with rings, necklaces and earrings! Here are some of the celebrities who give us major nameplate necklace goals with their insta-worthy pieces. And as Trendyz Jewellery is all about affordable luxury, they can craft a similar piece for you in 18ct gold plating just for a fraction of the price. Trendyz Personalised Name Necklace is a great option to get your name customised in a variety of fonts in gold plating including the one worn by Carrie in the Sex and the City. 

Beyoncé Nameplate Necklaces that rock!

There's no other way to kick this list off other than with the Queen B Beyoncé. Since the onset of her career, the multi-hyphenate singer has been wearing personalised letters around her neck — all 3 Destiny's Child singers wearing matching 'DC' chains. Beyoncé's style is anything but understated. A good case example is the star's outfit from a trip to Vegas in March 2021, where she and her husband Jay-Z celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary. Her plunging white blazer and matching trousers were adorned with an array of nameplate necklaces in English, Hebrew, Arabic and Chinese. While Beyonce's original nameplate necklaces can set you back thousands of pounds, Trendyz' Personalised Name Necklaces in all those languages can help you achieve the same vibe at a fraction of the cost.


beyonce nameplate necklace


beyonce wearing personalised nameplate necklaces


Jennifer Lopez (J-Lo) Nameplate Necklaces make a bold statement!

JLo is, among other things, the queen of bold fashion. The star never shies away from gilded statement jewellery— and her diamond-embellished personalised nameplate necklace is no exception. Her 'JENNIFER' necklace ranges well into the thousands, but Trendyz offer a similar piece albeit the crazy price tag nameplate crystal necklace . There's no better way to display pride in your name than by rendering it entirely in diamonds or crystals for a more affordable option. Pair it with a simple black boyfriend  blazer, a miniskirt and pumps for drinks with friends or for a dinner date with someone special.


jennifer lopez nameplate necklace



Kim Kardashian's Personalised Necklaces are a major style statement!

KKW has rocked a few nameplate necklaces in her time — some with North and Chi's names and some with her own. Here, she styles a personalised engraved gold bar necklace pendant. Trendyz offer a great similar option. You can get a name, signature or just about anything you want to be written on Trendyz 18ct gold plated bar necklace!


Kim Kardashian personalised Necklaces 

personalised necklace kim kardashian 

Bella Hadid's Nameplate Necklaces are so affordable!

Bella Hadid is not only one of the world’s top supermodels; she's also the ultimate trendsetter and Gen Z style icon. It might come as a shock, but supermodel Bella Hadid mostly wears the most affordable jewellery pieces. The Palestinian and Dutch model is known for wearing talismans from head to toe and choosing a few nameplate necklaces . Her favourites right now is a birth year necklace, and the brilliant news is that the Trendyz offer an exactly similar custom birth year necklace. Birth year necklaces play the perfect complement to your nameplate or initial pendants.

Bella Hadid Nameplate Necklace


bella hadid personalised year name necklace

Gigi Hadid shows her love through her personalised nameplate necklaces!

Forget wearing your heart on your sleeve — wear it around your neck! Or better, on your jewellery. Take Gigi Hadid, for example. When the supermodel and her boyfriend Zayn Malik split, they kept the rumour mill stirring by appearing on each other's social media and making outings in public together. But, after a few months of on-again-off-again, Hadid put the questions to rest without saying anything at all — she just wore a pair of personalised gold hoops with both of their names engraved on them. And the supermodel also likes to rock a necklace with the name of Zayn! Try Trendyz Personalised Name Necklace if you too want to rock your boyfriend or husbands's name around your neck!


gigi hadid personalized nameplate necklace


Meghan Markle's Personalised Necklaces carry some deep meanings!

Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle's jewellery choices always contain a deeper meaning, as she likes to commemorate people and special occasions in her life. 

When she and Prince Harry started dating, Meghan used a necklace to hint at their relationship to the wider world. Walking down the street in Toronto, Meghan wore a piece featuring the letters "M" and "H," confirming their romance. Trendyz offer an exactly similar Sideways Initials Necklace.


meghan markle initial necklace sideways

Then following the birth of her son Archie, the Duchess wore an 18-carat solid gold necklace which featured the letter 'A', in honour of her first born. Trendyz offer an exact similar piece Initial Letter Necklace.


meghan markle wearing initial letter A necklace

meghan markle wearing initial letter A necklace


Then again, during her interview with Oprah, Markle wore Princess Diana's tennis bracelet, perhaps to channel the late royal's strength and energy. Prince Harry reportedly took two diamonds from that same bracelet to serve as the side stones in Markle's engagement ring. 

Nameplate Jewellery - a powerful personal statement!

Jewellery with a nameplate is also a powerful statement. Your name in gold allows you to express yourself in a way that is unique to you. Whether your nameplate is plain or elaborate, it is uniquely yours. It's no surprise that these necklaces are so hot right now. A nameplate necklace is personal and unique, as well as customisable and elegant. So go on and order your affordable luxurious personalised jewellery piece today! Psst...want to save some cash? Use the coupon code 'FUNSAVINGS' to get a sweet discount on all of our products. 

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