Personalised Arabic Name Necklaces

Personalized arabic name necklace

Why is personalised jewellery a great gift idea?

Not only is gifting a piece of custom jewellery unique, but it also speaks volumes in thought and cares to the person receiving it. Giving a gift, regardless of the occasion or person, can be seen as a token of love, appreciation or respect. When gifting an individual something special, like jewellery or a staple accessory — the sentiment is raised to the next level.

Finding a heartfelt, meaningful gift is no easy task, whether you're searching for something memorable to give your best friend, mother, or grandmother or simply want to buy something for yourself. That's where personalised jewellery comes into play. Everything from bracelets to personalised necklaces, the option to engrave your special someone's name, significant date or message onto an item they'll hold onto forever is limitless.

Jewellery is an instant conversation maker, and you'll get people to open up and tell you stories. The reason this works so well is simple — jewellery is a meaningful purchase. It's tied to holidays, special events, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries… whether it be for fun, family, friends, vacation or romance… it always means something. Another thing that makes personalised jewellery so great is its suitability for all ages and genders. Whether you're shopping for a gift for your mum, boyfriend, children, best friend or even a work colleague… it's a unique way to show that you know the person well and have put thought into their present.

The trend of customisation and personalised jewellery is exponentially growing. The reason for this is the emergence of true identity and individuality. People are no longer looking to match their neighbour, but instead, stand apart in sentiment and meaning. By giving personalised gifts, like jewellery or a token accessory item, you’re truly appealing to that individual’s unique sense of self. 

Trendyz specialises in 18K gold plated personalised jewellery in various languages. Particularly, their Arabic name jewellery pieces are highly sought after in the UK and around the globe. 

Personalised Arabic Name Necklace 

This 18K gold plated Arabic Name Necklace will lend a touch of luxury to any neckline — with the name or word of your choice inscribed in beautiful Arabic script. Featuring a unique calligraphy style, this necklace makes a perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions — a memory that will last a lifetime. 

Get a stunning gold, rose gold or platinum plated necklace personalised with the name of your choice in Arabic. Treat yourself or someone special to the ultimate individually handcrafted luxury: A custom Arabic name necklace!

This necklace would make a great addition to any jewellery collection — thanks to eye-catching details that embody the exotic look of Middle Eastern lettering. Simply choose an inscription containing up to 10 characters, and the Trendyz skilled artisans will take care of the details, carefully crafting a unique piece that is certain to double as a lovely accessory and a conversation piece.


Personalised arabic name necklace gold


Personalised arabic name necklace rose gold

personalised arabic name necklace


Add some sparkling cubic zirconia stones and you can take this jewellery to the next level.

personalised arab name necklace gold cubic zirconia diamonds 

personalised arabic name necklace with cubic zirconia

personalised arabic name necklace cubic zirconia cz diamond   

Personalised Arabic Name Necklace for Couples

Trendyz also offer stunning personalised necklaces for couples and loved ones. You can personalise yours and your significant other's name into a 2-name 18K gold plated couple's necklace. With the 2 names beautifully joined together — this necklace would symbolise love and 'eternal union'.

Whether it's the name of your kids, your name and your spouse's, siblings, parents or a gift to a newlywed couple — this unique piece is sure to combine beauty and meaning in one personalized necklace in the most elegant way. The unity of these names serves to be both beautiful and meaningful.

Personalized Arabic Name Necklace for couples

Personalised arabic name necklace for couples

Personalized arabic name necklace for couples


Customized arabic name necklace for couples

You can also get a beautiful couple's personalised necklace in arabic with a lovely 'heart' in the middle. Now this is totally swoon worthy piece that will get everyone talking!


personalised arabic name necklace for couples with heart


personalised couple's necklace with names in arabic gold  

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